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Biodrip, a leading concept in Anti-Aging Medicine, Ozone Therapy and Revitalisation for a longer and healthier life. A holistic approach to health based on specific studies with excellent care to achieve goals and dreams.

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Ozone treatment for therapeutic purposes has a remarkable effect on the health and quality of life of people


This therapy consists of administering through an IV treatment several interrelated components related to each other

Autologous Plasma Therapy

Application of platelet-rich plasma growth factors to treat different types of degenerative diseases or pathologies

Detox Programme

We help the body to eliminate accumulated toxins that are not easily eliminated, by means of individualised treatments

Healthy Aging

Our health program which consists of slowing down cellular wear and tear and making way for healthy aging


This powerful molecule has a lot of potential for new therapeutic opportunities

Bioanalysis & Diagnostics

Identification, resolution and prevention of health problems

Home Visits

Private medical service at home to your needs. Where and when you need

A Medical Personalised Approach to Health Care

Biodrip is an innovative approach to medicine that takes preventive, health care and aging measures to the next level of precision. With our state-of-the-art technology, we provide personalized and precise medical care to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Recognition from important national medical institutions and societies:

Meet Our Team

At Biodrip we have created a holistic health programme and a different way of understanding understand what it means to live longer and better, and it depends on how you live today.

Javier Parada & Dr. Luis F. Jaime

Our medical team is composed by Javier Parada (CEO & CoFounder) and Dr. Luis F. Jaime (BioDrip Medical Director & CoFounder), both with extensive experience and advanced knowledge in different fields of medicine.

It’s basically life changing, life style system Professionally designed and individually tailored to improve life and well Bieng for all, Bieng good life over indulgence or just health improvements operated by top level expert in this field! Thank you Javi & Dr. Felipe

Ala Ghanni


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