Nutrition & Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutrition and orthomolecular medicine aim to balance intake to prevent disease and improve health. Focus on providing essential nutrients, correcting deficiencies with the right molecules and accurate diagnosis through laboratory analysis to guide towards optimal nutritional habits.

What is Orthomolecular Nutrition & Medicine?


The field of Nutrition is enormously broad, but transcendental for health, metabolic functions and the rate of aging. The objective of a correct nutrition is to provide the body with those elements indispensable for life, the synthesis of substances, proteins, tissues, and the repair of the organism, and at the same time, to avoid that such food intake is a cause of risk or helps to provoke diseases and accelerated aging.

On the other hand, Orthomolecular Medicine, or medicine based on the use of the Correct Molecules, is focused on prioritizing the adequate administration and with the ideal balance of an endless number of essential molecules that, being in food, are difficult to ingest on a daily basis, and can be found in deficit, even for years. Here we can find, from Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements, Fatty acids, Essential oils, Membrane stabilizers, Stimulants of functions and repairing substances of the organism.

Work Areas
  • Nutrition in the healthy individual
  • Nutrition in the chronically ill patient
  • Nutrition and altered Digestive System
  • Nutrition before and after surgeries
  • Nutrition in Athletes
  • Nutrition, Overweight and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Nutrition in the different stages of life. Third Age.
  • Specific Anti-Aging Nutrition
  • Energetic Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Central Nervous System

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The combination of components in our treatments are carried out under an in-depth study of your state of health and the supervision of our medical team, who complete your medical history, allergies and requirements in an initial consultation.


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