IV Vitamins Drip

This therapy consists of administering several interrelated, developed and personalised components in an IV treatment.

  • Promotes health and wellness
  • 100% Absorption
  • Safe and Natural

IV Vitamins in Marbella, Serotherapy


This therapy consists of administering by means of an IV treatment several interrelated components through a developed and personalised cocktail, whose main base are vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bio-regulating substances to provide energy, immunity and general well-being in a fast, safe and effective way for the organism.


Its main effects on the body are as follows:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Increases energy and general well-being
  • Promotes hydration
  • Boosts endogenous antioxidant action
  • Improves allergies, migraines and sleep quality
  • Accelerates muscle and tissue recovery
  • Improves sports performance and muscle recovery
  • Relief from tiredness and fatigue

Improves immune health, enhances appearance and beauty, improves cognitive function, increases energy levels, promotes hydration, enhances antioxidant action, improves allergies, improves migraines, improves sleep quality, accelerates recovery of muscles and tissues, tiredness and fatigue, etc.

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What You Need to Know About Our Therapies

The combination of components in our treatments are carried out under an in-depth study of your state of health and the supervision of our medical team, who complete your medical history, allergies and requirements in an initial consultation.


100% Secure

Our IV serums are administered by a specialised medical team.


Quickly, 20-40 minutes

During this time, you will be seated comfortably while the treatment is administered to your system.


Practically painless

Hardly any pain, similar to taking blood for a blood test

“We are attracted to anything that has the potential to revolutionise health”

Dr. Luis F. Jaime

BioDrip Medical Director

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