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Dr. Luis F. Jaime MD PhD

BioDrip Medical Director & CoFounder

Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation, he completed his PhD studies in Pharmacology and Anaesthesia at the University of Malaga in 2002. Subsequently, he has completed his training in Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, as well as in advanced Ozone Therapy, at the University of Seville and the Complutense University of Madrid.

In more than 20 years of experience, he has worked with various hospitals and groups involved in revitalisation, intravenous treatments, patient recovery, aesthetic medicine and healthy ageing. Co-author and contributor to several publications and scientific papers, including:

  • Intravenous fluid therapy in emergencies and emergencies.
  • Impact of ozone therapy during silent inflammation.
  • Impact of intravenous anti-inflammatory substances in major surgery. Healing.
  • Vitamin, ozone and trace element support as prevention in oncology.

He has extensive experience in the treatment of patients with various pathologies, including intensive care, as well as in the prevention of complications, diseases and the promotion of health, understanding the relevance of everything related to cellular balance, homeostasis, internal regulation and balance, as well as the protection of organs and systems. A focus on slowing down the speed of ageing and on physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Javier Parada 

University Degree in Nursing

Since 2015, he has developed a systematic work in the complex surgery areas of several hospitals, as well as in Intensive Care and Resuscitation Units, achieving a series of highly qualified skills in intraoperative monitoring, airway management, revitalisation and intensive intravenous treatment of various pathologies, as well as in the recovery of the critically ill patient.


CEO BioDrip & CoFounder

As Founder and CEO of BioDrip, he now develops all that potential of accumulated knowledge and experience for the benefit of clients and patients. Displaying a great capacity for work, a vision focused on excellence and the wellbeing of all the people and families who trust in BioDrip. Making it, a path based on truth and knowledge, applied to the welfare and improvement of health.

What Type of Patients is Biodrip Designed for?

At Biodrip, our medicine is designed for those who seek to improve their health and slow down the aging process. We offer personalized solutions to repair the body, prevent disease, protect the vital, mental and emotional state, and improve the overall quality of life. Our medicine is useful for both young and old people, and anyone who wants to take care of their health in an effective way.


Experienced Doctors

Medical Service with years of experience specialising in Healthy Aging and Ozone Therapy.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Home Service, Exclusive and Personalised Care, Medical Consultation at Home.


On Call 24/7

Tailored private medical service at your home. Where and when you need it


Same Day Appointments

Immediate appointment in our collaborating centers or at home


Bioanalysis and Diagnostics

Identification, resolution and prevention of health problems.



Recognition from national and international medical institutions and societies.

“The true value of beauty comes from taking care of and pampering your health”

Dr. Luis F. Jaime

BioDrip Medical Director

Better Health & Lifestyle is Our Mission

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