Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about our treatments and services. If you are not sure, you can always write to us and we will answer them as soon as possible.

General Questions

What is accelerated ageing?

It is an increase in the rate of cellular deterioration, over time, caused by various factors, which cause the organs and their functions to have a defective state, corresponding to an age higher than the person’s actual age; it is an imbalance between the biological age and the quality of the body’s functions, and the actual chronological age.

What are the causes of accelerated ageing?

There are numerous factors, including: genetics, chronic diseases, infections, poor sleep quality, nutritional status, lack of systematic physical exercise, radiation, stress, poor ambient air quality, self-realisation, emotional state, and others.

What are the problems caused by accelerated ageing?

These include a decrease in overall energy level, increased susceptibility to infection, decreased professional, occupational and intellectual performance, decreased sex drive, mood swings, anxiety or depression, decreased bone mass and overall muscle tone, substantial worsening of skin quality, increased susceptibility to develop malignant or other diseases.

How does BioDrip address these key issues?

The BioDrip team carries out a detailed medical study of the state of health of the organism, of the decisive elements that affect ageing, as well as of key substances in the whole cellular mechanism and inner balance. Always in a personalised manner and with numerous analytical parameters of medical interest.

What do BioDrip treatments consist of?

They consist of a series of modern treatments that have been proven in current medical practice, which are related to the use of drugs, substances and revitalising elements, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energetic, and cellular balance and function improvement powers.

What does Ozone Therapy bring to BioDrip?

It is one of the treatments associated with improving the body’s antioxidant capacity, reducing silent inflammation, preventing and treating infections of any cause, and improving general circulation and oxygenation of the body. It is also associated with a very low level of side effects or complications.

What is NAD+ therapy?

NAD o Nicotinamida Adenina Dinucleótido, es una sustancia natural del organismo que regula una gran cantidad de funciones celulares, desde el balance mitocondrial, la reparación del ADN, la producción de energía, la estabilización de membranas, la inmunidad, el metabolismo de los azúcares, el óptimo trabajo de numerosas enzimas, la respiración celular y otros. En BioDrip, disponemos de la terapia con NAD+, para mejorar estos aspectos claves.

What do we call Healthy Aging?

Also known as Healthy Ageing, it is about reaching old age at a slower or slower rate of ageing, so that we can reach old age in better physical, mental and emotional condition and with greater capacity to enjoy our time of life. It is about giving quality and energy to the years. And BioDrip is about the mechanisms to achieve this.

How does BioDrip address these objectives?

They are established through the medical consultation and follow-up of Healthy Ageing, where all doubts can be clarified and the objectives set and all treatment possibilities can be discussed after a detailed personal study. After which a treatment plan and the evolution over time is established.

About Our Treatments


Ozone treatment for therapeutic purposes has a remarkable effect on people’s health and quality of life in many ways including boosting the immune system, stimulating antioxidant defences and improving the inflammatory process.


This therapy consists of administering by means of an IV treatment several interrelated, developed and customised components, the main basis of which are vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bio-regulating substances to provide energy, immunity and general well-being in a fast, safe and effective way for the organism.

Autologous Plasma Therapy

Application of platelet-rich plasma growth factors to treat different types of degenerative diseases or pathologies.

Detox Programme

Biodrip Detox Experience is a comprehensive health programme taken to the highest level of personalisation that seeks to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins that are not easily eliminated, through in-depth analysis of your health and the development of individualised treatments.

Healthy Aging

Our health programme, which consists of slowing down cellular wear and tear and contributing to healthy ageing. Stimulate internal systems and metabolisms, prevent diseases, improve biological versus chronological age.


NAD IV is a cutting-edge treatment, research is ongoing and scientists continue to discover new benefits that this therapy can have on the human body.


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