BioDrip at the SEMAL XX Anniversary Congress

BioDrip at the XX International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics

The BioDrip team participated this month in the XX International Congress of Antiaging and Longevity Medicine 2022, in Madrid. An appointment where topics of great interest and the latest advances and novelties in Antiaging Medicine were discussed, with an indisputable look at the changes that occurred after the Covid pandemic.

Among the most interesting and contributing topics were the following:


The presentations on Endothelium (inner wall of blood vessels), and its great impact on the general functions of the body, and the relationship with the emergence of multiple diseases aroused great interest. What role does the silent inflammation of the endothelium play and the onset of thrombosis or stroke, for example, or how viruses, and especially SARS Cov 2, directly and permanently affect the endothelium was of great interest.

Epigenomics and Regenerative Medicine

The recent advances in genomic medicine, research regarding cell repair, DNA damage, the emergence of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and others, the synthesis of defective proteins and current therapeutic tools, was an area of great interest during the event.

Immunity and new therapies

Disorders of the immune system, derived from cellular oxidation and the uncontrolled response of the organism, for example, in Covid infection, generated a great debate regarding future perspectives, as well as many current treatment techniques aimed at strengthening the immune system. cellular and humoral immunity, the mechanisms of immune fragility against unknown germs were a topic of special relevance.

Microbiota and digestive health

This area, sometimes not attended to in its importance, was one where there were relevant contributions, such as how intestinal bacteria behave, what role they play in the entire balance of health and the nervous system, what signals they emit and what relationship they have with the absorption of nutrients and aging, as well as modern advances in nutritional treatments and strategies, made it clear that it is a truly key path in the matter.

Sleep quality

Neurophysiology studies, as well as other research regarding the mechanisms of poor sleep quality, measures and new lines of treatment, as well as the emphasis on the relevance of this topic in the speed of cellular aging, confirmed that the Sleep quality is a matter of first order in antiaging medicine.

Hormone therapy

The latest advances in hormone therapy were shown, both for the treatment of specific diseases, and to maintain a slower rate of aging, the complex issues regarding hormones and male and female changes with age, and their relationship with oncological diseases, and in another way, it clarified many controversial aspects of hormone treatments.

Aging and oncology

One of the topics of great interest was that related to aging, its causes, and the relationship of these mechanisms with the appearance of tumors and activation of oncogenes, the possibility of developing oncological diseases due to general stress and permanent cell damage not repaired was in evidence. An area of ​​maximum interest.

In short, it was a scientific meeting where great contributions were made to the present and future of anti-aging medicine and the specific and comprehensive treatment of multiple diseases.

referente al envejecimiento, sus causas, y la relación de estos mecanismos con el surgimiento de tumores y activación de oncogenes, la posibilidad de desarrollar enfermedades oncológicas debido a un estrés general y a un daño celular permanente no reparado quedó en evidencia. Un área de máximo interés.

En resumen, fue una reunión científica donde se hicieron grandes aportes a la actualidad y el futuro de la medicina antienvejecimiento y el tratamiento concreto e integral de múltiples enfermedades.


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