Why is it important to accurately determine Biological Age (BA) and take steps to improve it?

Biological age is the real marker of how cells have been worn down over time and, specifically, it speaks to the state of preservation of the original DNA that is in the nucleus of each human cell. Telomeres, or DNA ends, are responsible for controlling the replication of healthy human cells, and once the telomere shortens to a critical size, the cell stops dividing and dies, so the organ is not renewed and ages. Biological age is therefore also a predictor of certain diseases and death.

The correct function of the various organs of the body, their maintenance in optimal form and with the maximum performance that is seen in youth, depends on these organs possessing a sufficient number of cells and that those that are adapted or have learned a function belong active. When the number of cells in an organ begins to decrease because they cannot be duplicated, its functional capacity begins to diminish and the deterioration of the whole system begins; be it neurons, muscle cells, cells of the sense organs, endocrine, cardiovascular, skin, kidneys or other locations, the ageing process is accelerated and a decrease in the capacities and functions that had previously been carried out without difficulty becomes evident: Memory, Reflexes, Muscular Strength, Immunity, Vision, Hearing, Speed, and other faculties decrease, as well as the quality of the skin and other organs and systems.

But this is not the only adverse effect of the passage of time and accelerated ageing, one of the most pressing problems is the difficulty in cellular and tissue repair, this difficulty not only causes organs to lose function, but also to acquire functions or disorders that damage the body, then arise the so-called degenerative diseases, which are alterations of the original function in a tissue to change to adverse and harmful alterations and symptoms. Problems such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Dementia, Various Sclerosis and Vascular Atherogenesis, Osteoporosis, Muscular Weakness, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes type II and other problems associated with ageing.

There is also a close link between impaired cellular repair, DNA alterations and the emergence of stunted cells and cancer. This is a complex process that encompasses many proteins and functions but essentially arises when cellular repair is defective, this coupled with inflammation has the capacity to awaken dormant genes (Oncogenes), or fragments of DNA that are designed to allow unchecked and unrestrained cell growth and multiplication. It is the telomere defect itself, as well as the loss of certain immune system surveillance functions due to malfunction, that allows these disordered cells to survive and grow exponentially. The main types of cancer associated with ageing are: Colon, Uterine, Prostate, Breast, Pancreatic, Lung, Skin, Genital, Renal, Urinary Bladder and Liver cancers.

This is why, in today’s age, it is of great importance to take care of the quality of our DNA, to monitor the Biological Age, the health and length of Telomeres, to maintain proper tissue repair and to prevent diseases, reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the ageing process.





At BioDrip we are dedicated to monitoring and evaluating this process, as well as putting the know advances in medicine and science to work to improve this area fot our patients.








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