BioDrip, The Invisible Beauty

Is your body healthy and in balance within?

Are your Cells Beautiful on the Inside, Are they Working Optimally?

The answer to these questions is what BioDrip is all about. That state of inner balance, the quality of membranes, mitochondrial functions, energy production, memory preservation, the right immunity, a strengthened antioxidant system, and finally, that state of health, well-being, and of reaching our maximum potential. Growing old healthy and slowly. It is that invisible beauty that will always be with us and will undoubtedly help us to feel better and be happier. Rescue your invisible beauty and make it evident.


Experienced Doctors

Medical Service with years of experience specialising in Healthy Aging and Ozone Therapy.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Home Service, Exclusive and Personalised Care, Medical Consultation at Home.


On Call 24/7

Tailored private medical service at your home. Where and when you need it


Same Day Appointments

Immediate appointment in our collaborating centers or at home


Bioanalysis and Diagnostics

Identification, resolution and prevention of health problems.



Recognition from national and international medical institutions and societies.

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Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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“The true value of beauty comes from taking care of and pampering your health”

Dr. Luis F. Jaime

BioDrip Medical Director

Better Health & Lifestyle is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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