Telomerase and DNA, Why do we age?


Telomerase and DNA

Every day, to maintain the function and structure of the organs and systems, there are millions of cells that die and are replaced by new ones; for this, the cellular DNA must replicate to give rise to the same cells that are going to disappear. In this process, the distal part of the DNA, called the Telomere, wears out, and cannot be 100% repaired. It is not possible to replace all the bases lost in replication, so that the DNA itself through the Telomere is shortened up to a critical limit where it is no longer capable of replicating, it does not have sufficient bases for it, for this reason the cell dies, it has no substitute, and thus the organ or tissue loses volume and capacity to function, this is the key to aging.

It is estimated that the cell stops replicating and disappears once this process has been carried out 60-70 times, under normal conditions. But not in the presence of Telomeres with the capacity to lengthen.

Telomerase is a protein that is capable of preventing the shortening of Telomeres, through it new bases can be added to the ends of the DNA, this would slow down the process of wear and tear and finally the loss of organ functions. It would delay the symptoms and signs of old age.

At BioDrip, we offer you a series of treatments, advice, and products that have demonstrated their ability to lengthen Telomeres and slow down the aging process.

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