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Arterial Hypertension, the so-called “Silent Enemy”, affects millions of people around the world, most of the time from 40-45 years of age, but in many occasions and due to specific factors it can affect young people and even children. This disease is related to numerous serious complications, such as Myocardial Infarction, Stroke or Cerebral Vascular Accident, Disabling Peripheral Vascular Disorder, Renal and Visual Disease, Cognitive Impairment, Sudden Death and others.

The main cause of Arterial Hypertension is the so-called “Essential“, or of unknown origin, although there are many diseases and conditions that can cause it, among them:


. Renal Disease

. Hereditary or acquired vascular disease

. Mineral diseases and disorders .

. Hormonal disease or disorder .

. Multiple-cause dysfunction of the endothelium or vascular wall .

. Vasculitis or inflammation of vessels due to various causes .

. Autoimmune Disease

. Autonomic Nervous System Disease .

. Psychological or Psychosomatic Disorders .

. Maintained stress, social pathology

. Inadequate diet, nutrient deficits or excesses .

. Disorders related to age and the speed of aging.

Traditionally, the presence of Arterial Hypertension has been associated to the high consumption of sodium or common salt, and also to that type of processed foods that carry a large amount of salt, and in most cases an Antihypertensive drug is administered, sometimes two, and we doctors have been for decades repeating the same process:


. Take this pill once a day

. Eat without salt

. Reduce stress .

. Do physical exercise


And so on and so on. But in today’s medicine, multiple advances in Hypertension are already known, from the intrinsic causes that produce it, to factors related to its treatment. Among the various issues of importance we must consider the following:


. Relationship of aging with the receptors for sodium.

. Importance of endolethal quality, level of silent vascular inflammation.

. Nitric oxide synthesis and its relationship to vascular stress response .

. Role of ozone in vascular wall quality and capacity for vasodilation .

. Importance of homocysteine and lipoprotein A levels .

. Role of Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin K2 .

. What is the relationship between blood sugar levels, glycation and hypertension?


And so on, a wide number of topics to which, historically, little attention has been paid when talking about the specific treatment and follow-up of this pathology.

Therefore, it is good to thoroughly investigate in the consultation a large number of circumstances, details, advances in metabolism and behavior of blood vessels, added factors that are related not only with stress and sodium, but also with a large number of trace elements, proteins, enzymes, receptors and other areas of maximum impact in order to be efficient and decisive in patients with hypertension, aimed at the overall treatment of this disease with the least number of side effects and the least amount of drugs possible


At BioDrip, we can help you understand this process in depth and offer you a path to improvement, based on the advances in science and knowledge.

In Hypertension, don’t settle for less.


Dr. Luis F. Jaime.  MD. Ph.D

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