Comprehensive vision of the cancer patient


Comprehensive vision of the cancer patient

Suffering from an oncological disease is one of the greatest and most difficult challenges for human beings and their families. It affects aspects of specific health or dysfunction of the specific altered organ, but also covers areas such as uncertainty, anxiety, fear, labor problems, difficulty guaranteeing family support, disorders related to various classic treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, affected sleep quality, decreased exercise capacity, lack of energy, appetite and insufficient nutrition on many occasions.

For this reason, this challenge must be addressed in a comprehensive manner. Without a doubt, experts in the field of oncology play the leading role in this area, but they are not the only professionals capable of generating well-being and providing a better quality of care. life to patients.

It is important to take into account other aspects and areas such as psychological support, personal training and guided practice of physical exercise, sleep improvement, as well as everything related to optimal supplementation that meets the demands of an altered organism. and in combat in the face of a difficult challenge, and guarantee the essential elements and substances for all vital functions that, many times, it is not possible to acquire through the usual diet, either due to appetite disorders, side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, difficulties to intestinal absorption, fever, infections and many other factors.

At Biodrip, we believe that it has been fully demonstrated that a comprehensive approach to this type of patient is always useful, based on a philosophy where the maximum benefit and comfort for the patient lies, any professional who contributes or adds an impact of interest to this population group. and his relatives, he is welcome, no one is left over in this battle, and no one owns a cancer patient. We believe that it is a sufficiently dramatic situation to deserve putting aside individual views and turning to everything that is supportive in such a delicate period, including the emotional area and the meaning of life, issues that are often raise or disturb a being tormented by a potentially terminal situation.

Our mission from BioDrip, is to contribute a small grain of sand in this effort to help them from the current knowledge in aging medicine, immunity, key supplementation, energy world, physical exercise, motivation and other areas of enormous help for all those people who, unfortunately, they are fighting that battle.

We owe them, at least, that the medical community is dedicated to this objective, under the principle of collaboration and cooperation between all those who can contribute value, from the search for the truth.


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